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How do we Know Where we are in Space?

How do we know where we are in space? Within our inner ear, we have semicircular canals. There are 6 total canals- 3 on each side- that are activated by different head positions in response to angular movements or rotations. These canals work in conjunction with other systems in our body (i.e otoliths, proprioceptive systems, and vision) to send signals to the brain and give us an idea of where we are in comparison to our environment.   Because most of us do not stay completely still in our environment, many #carricktrained clinicians will apply their knowledge of the semicircular canals by performing their neurological testing with the head positioned in certain ways to increase activation of one canal over another. This can help the clinician identify problems otherwise overlooked and develop strategies to help an individual function at their highest level. #carricktrained #carrickinstitute #neuroscience #neurology #canals#braintraining #brainhealth #brain
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