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Dr. Joe Clark and ISCN 2020 – What you Need to Know About Sports Related Concussion

Dr. Joe Clark will be at this year’s International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience! Dr. Clark will be discussing sports related concussion, from pre-participation screening to exit baselines. Learn clinical pearls to keep your athletes safe and to get them back into the game as quickly as possible. To learn more, visit Transcript: Dr. Freddys Garcia – Hello, my name is Dr. Freddys Garcia. Today I’m joined by Dr. Joe Clark. Dr. Clark is presenting at his year’s ISCN. On May 22nd through 24th of 2020, in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Clark, I have a question for you, and the question is, is what topic are you presenting on this year? And why is it important for our scholars to learn more about it? Dr. Joe Clark – Right, so what I’ll be talking about is sports related concussion. And, to a certain extent, examinations and documentation to help all of us be better clinicians and custodians of the brains of our patients. And so, I can kinda divide it up into two clinical pearls, if you don’t mind that expression. And number 1 is, the concept of a baseline intake test, which is like a pre-participation physical, but then, we also have the concept of an exit baseline. So, if you are involved in sports and athletics you are with those athletes for sometimes years. And we believe there is very good evidence to do an exit baseline to document that you’ve been a good custodian for that person’s brain. And have that documentation should you know, something unfortunate occur later. The other clinical pearl is a lot of states and government are mandating that people involved in organized sports, like high school sports, if they are pulled from play because of a suspicious event, like a big hit that might have caused a concussion, that’s not a diagnosis, diagnosis comes later. And those people pulled from play have to have a clearing exam. And what that actually is, is it’s documenting an absence of suspicion that a concussive event has occurred. Clinically, we know about things like rule out stroke exam or rule out heart attack panel. This is similar to that, and it’s just good solid documentation based in neurologic foundations that any one of us could adopt and use to document a person who has been pulled from play, did not have a concussive event of concern, and that they should be safe to go back to play and perform their craft. Dr. Freddys Garcia – This sounds great, ’cause I know a lot of our scholars work with a lot of athletes all around the world, so I think this could be right up their alley. Dr. Clark, thank you very much for your time today. Again, Dr. Clark is presenting at this year’s ISCN. May 22nd through 24th of 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Catch everybody next time.
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