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TMD – The Great Imposter with Dr. Jennifer Illes at this year’s ISCN!

Dr. Jennifer Illes will be speaking on Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Common Facial Pain Syndromes at this year’s ISCN event! Understand the clinical neuropathy surrounding the referral site and learn clinical neurological tips to assess and treat patients with this condition. To learn more, visit #ISCN2020 #carricktrained #clinicalneuroscience #clinical #neuroscience #TMJD #TMD #jawpain #symposium   Transcript: Dr. Freddys Garcia – Hello. My name is Dr. Freddy Garcia. Today we’re joined by Dr. Jennifer Illes. Dr. Illes is presenting at this year’s ICN taking place on May 22 through 24 in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Illes, thank you so much for joining us. I had a very specific question for you. What is this year’s topic that you are presenting on and why is it important for our scholars to learn more about it? Dr. Jennifer Illes – Thank you Dr. Garcia. I’ve got a topic that I don’t think I’ve actually seen presented anywhere else quite yet. The title of this topic is TMD, the Great Imposter. TMD stands for of course Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder. In the recent years, I think clinicians have had a really good understanding of how do diagnose and assess, and even manage collaboratively this condition. However, I like to look at the clinical neuropathy surrounding the referral site that a lot of these strange and common visceral conditions, and even somatic conditions can refer to that particular joint. So if the scholars join me, they’ll be able to demonstrate some clinical neurological tips that they can assess and treat their patients for this condition. Dr. Freddys Garcia – Perfect. I am excited to learn more about your presentation because I am not very proficient at TMD pain, so anywhere you can make me a better clinician, I am all for it. Dr. Illes, thank you so much for your time again. Again you can catch her presentation May 22 through 24 in Orlando, Florida. We’ll catch you there.
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