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July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
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Functional Neurology Management of Concussion Level 1
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Human Performance is coming to Chicago!

Carrick Institute’s Human Performance Program starts September 25-27th, 2020 in Chicago!🏋🏻‍♀️🏈🏆
The CIHP program gives you the skills to unlock athletic excellence in your clients and athletes. Apply modern exercise physiology and learn a model to understand, assess and train your athletes to reach peak capabilities.
This Program has been designed to allow fitness trainers, physical therapists, students of exercise science, performance coaches, and physicians to obtain mastery in physical performance optimization, exercise prescription and planning, nutritional strategies, sports science, and movement kinematics.
In this program, you will:
  • Understand and explain basic and advanced concepts in exercise physiology
  • Apply the most current scientific knowledge to develop the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems
  • Recognize the governing neurological principles that influence motor control in sports performance and optimization
  • Understand energy and nutrition, how it affects human performance and how to use nutrition to unlock athletic excellence
  • Learn to screen, assess and train neurological function for enhanced movement performance
  • Plan, test and train athletes utilizing a variety of strategies and periodization principles
  • Disseminate research and identify key variables affecting the outcome of applied exercise science
  • Guide clients and athletes through various training methodologies with hands-on practice and experience
  • Demonstrate and perform cardiovascular power and endurance tests; muscle power, strength and explosiveness tests; nutritional measurements and baseline tests; neurological assessments and evaluations
We will be kicking off this program with Strength, Power, and Neuro-Biomechanics! Spots are limited so make sure to reserve yours now!
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