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ISCN 2017- Honoring Dr. Roland Blaauw

We are so proud to tell you Dr. Roland Blaauw will be this years honoree for the International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience in Orlando, Florida, February 3rd to 5th. It is difficult to put into words how incredible Roland Blaauw was, as many of you know. He has been a guiding light for so many of us for so many years. Roland had planned to be with us at this event but unfortunately he will only be there in spirit. It’s an honor for us to honor him and I think it’s an honor for you to be able to come and share in the joy of celebrating this man life, his clinical achievement and his dedication to the pursuit of treatments and therapies that will assist human kind. We promised Roland that we would celebrate his life,he is the real deal, he is always with us and we look forward to seeing you and having you celebrate his life at this marvelous symposium in Orlando.

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