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Medline Journal Access

We are very excited because every day we get calls from our scholars thanking us for being able to provide them to journal articles at the snap of their fingers. It is very important for clinicians to have quick access to journal articles and papers that are contemporary, that they can get without paying the exorbitant fees that we have to pay for journals. When we look at searches, sometimes we think “let’s just use the internet.”  It true, but not everything is on the internet. In fact, only a small percentage of what is published will be found with a good adequate internet search.  We have limitations with Google, Google Scholar, Yahoo, Altavista. For instance, ALA reports to us that only about 8% of all journals and even fewer books are on the internet. The most reliable scholarly information that you will receive will be from the library and from journals. There is not the organization on the internet that you would see when you do a focused search on Pubmed. But what do you do when you do your search and you read your abstract? You want to get the paper!  That paper will usually cost you about $35 or more. We have invested a lot of time, research, and money into providing our learners with a vehicle where you can do your searches and download the scientific papers for your to read and enjoy. As our learning courses increase in the integrity of what is happening in science.  the changes just boggle one’s mind.  What was thought to be known just yesterday is really a history lesson. We need to be contemporary and read the journals. How do we do it? You need to have a good library access. If you have full access to the local university library and it’s a good library, then you might be all set. If you don’t, which is the condition for most of us, then our library access is very effective for the cost of less than one journal article purchase, you can have your access for the month and then for the year.  It will pay itself off in spades. If you don’t have the Carrick Institute library journal access, you will want to get it. It is really super! We don’t’ make any money on this for sure. It is a service that costs us a lot, but it is something that you really want to embrace so that you can  become contemporary and we can help you do that. Jump on board!

To purchase Carrick Institute’s Medline Access please visit the CI Store.

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