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Being “Carrick Trained” marks a defining point in one’s career journey: it speaks volumes about their commitment to maintaining high standards that are recognized and respected worldwide.

The Carrick Institute has become the leading authority in the training of health care professionals in the field of clinical neurology.  Over 18,000 clinicians have taken courses with Carrick Institute over its 40 year history of clinical education. Currently, the Carrick Institute offers more than 100 courses in 13 countries and 36 cities that total over 2000 hours of post graduate and continuing education. The Carrick Institute is dedicated to delivering challenging and high-quality clinical neuroscience educational experiences to a diverse group of dedicated professionals.

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This program builds upon NVT 1 with advanced assessments and applications for rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.  Concepts in this program allow clinicians greater insight into creating an individualized neuro-visual approach to concussion and more. 

linicians will learn what it is, how to use it, and why it is important to the functional neurology practitioner. A concussion can cause or, in most cases, exacerbate binocular vision dysfunction, accommodation difficulties, and vestibular ocular dysfunctions creating VOR impediments.

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Functional Neurology Essentials will appeal to any healthcare practitioner wanting a fast and effective way to learn and implement the fundamental principles involved in nervous system optimization & Functional Neurology into their patient care.

$250 Savings For OSCA Members

If your goal is to become an expert at solving chronic pain and using neurology and biomechanics to solve pain, Pain Reset would be a great place for you to begin. 


For clinicians starting their Functional Neurology journey, the Carrick Institute recommends beginning with a foundational program such as Functional Neurology Essentials and Pain Reset, followed by the core educational offering of the Clinical Neuroscience program (CNS). This is the perfect 1-2 punch to prepare you for neurology board examinations from the ACFN and the ACNB and to make you proficient in the paradigm and approach of functional neurology in a clinical healthcare practice.

Functional Neurology Excellence Bundle includes the following.
– Clinical Neuroscience Program Prepayment Bundle (all 20 CNS modules)
– 1 or both foundational programs (Choose Pain Reset, Functional Neurology Essentials, or Both)

In-Person With Self-Paced Learning

These courses include in person education with a copy of the online, self-paced learning.

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