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– Functional neurology management of Concussion 
– Concussion Bootcamp

July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
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New Year - New Program Updates! Pain Reset 2.0 & Functional Neurology Essentials

Research for our Scholar Professionals

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) over sees human participant’s safety when conducting human research. TheCarrick Institute for Graduate Studies IRB is approved by the United States Office for Protecting Human Research (OHRP) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Health and Human Services (specifically Office for Human Research Protections) regulations have empowered IRBs to approve, require modifications in planned research prior to approval, or disapprove research. IRBs are responsible for critical oversight functions for research conducted on human subjects that are “scientific,” “ethical,” and “regulatory.” The Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies’ Institutional Review Board has been created and is dedicated to protecting human subjects in any and all research that it participates in. The following are links providing documentation of our IRB: Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies IORG0005500 Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies IRB# IRB00006615 Our IRB is also a Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) approved IRB. The Carrick Institute IRB receives applications from scientists and clinicians from around the world for approval of human research. Our Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) number: FWA00022305 As a part of our FWA the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies has committed to following the Belmont Report for patient safety. A copy of the Belmont Report can be had here:
  Research Published by Dr. Carrick

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