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Tips for Beginning your Carrick Institute Education

“Where do I start?!” We get this question a lot! So here is how to best tackle Carrick Institute courses in the most effective way!


1️⃣  Pain Reset

Pain Reset is for practitioners who are looking to evolve and start exploring a brain-based and neuro biomechanical approach to solving chronic pain. We will show you how to accurately observe, diagnose and prescribe therapies to get patients out of chronic pain faster.

For information about Pain Reset, click here.  

2️⃣  ReceptorBased® Essentials

RBE, aka ReceptorBased Essentials, is our foundations course! This 5-module course is a great place to start if you’ve never taken clinical neuroscience courses and want to implement a functional Neurology paradigm of care for improved patient outcomes. This is for clinicians wanting a hands-on, fast track method to begin implementing functional neurology.

For information about ReceptorBased® Essentials, click here.  

3️⃣ Clinical Neuroscience Program (800 series).

Ready to take the deep dive into the functional neurology paradigm? This program is for you. The CNS modules give you the breadth and the depth of knowledge needed to become highly proficient in the application of clinical neuroscience. This program gives you the core of information needed to pass the diplomate and fellowship examinations. Most of our scholars take this course.

For more information about the Clinical Neuroscience Program, click here.  

 4️⃣ Specialties!

You’ve made it past the CNS program, and now you’re ready to be in the top tier class of clinical neuroscience practitioners. This is when specialty courses come in. We have many topics including concussion and TBI, movement disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, eye movements, clinical neurochemistry, acupuncture, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

For a full list of programs including all of our specialty programs, click here.  
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