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July 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL
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Functional Neurology Management of Concussion Level 1
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AVAILABLE NOW Via Online Self, Paced Learning
15 Neurology Hours 

New Year - New Program Updates! Pain Reset 2.0 & Functional Neurology Essentials

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The Carrick Trained, Neuro Community is larger than ever, and we have missed you! 

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Online, Self-paced Learning

In today’s world, higher learning doesn’t have to drastically affect your day-to-day schedule. Now you have the chance to grow at your own pace, on your own time, from (just about) anywhere in the world. Start your online, self-paced education with Carrick Institute today!

Clinical Neuroscience Programs

The Carrick Institute has developed programs from our most foundational programs to our most advanced concepts and everything in between. Find a program that suits you best and get started on your Neuroscience Journey!

Continuing Education

Let the Carrick Institute be your go to place for CE. We have all of the courses to fit your needs and meet your hours. Looking for state CE? Fill out an application and let us know and we can work on this for you!

Foundational Programs

*All programs listed are available in person and via online, self-paced learning.

Schedule A Call With A Faculty Advisor

Our academic advisors can help you make important decisions like choosing the path that is right for you, selecting which courses to start with, and staying on track for board credentialing. If you have any questions about any course content, how to apply this in the real world or what the Carrick Institute can do for you, our faculty advisors can help!

Educational Resources

Talk Neuro to Me covers topics in neuroscience, health and performance featuring special guests and experts from multiple disciplines and areas of expertise.

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